Representative Cases


  • Dispute between commercial laundry and its staffing company regarding breach of indemnification clause in contract by failing to reimburse costs of defending an employee’s discrimination complaint.

  • Dispute in arbitration between employee and major retail store employer alleging harassment based on sexual orientation, failure to accommodate disability and false imprisonment during store theft investigation.

  • Dispute between paralegal and law firm alleging wrongful discharge by retaliation based on complaints made as to sexual harassment by firm partner.

  • Dispute between company president and parent company for non-payment of golden parachute after accusations of accounting fraud against president, with claims brought in federal court under ERISA.

  • Appeal from summary judgment by employee against national bus company raising ERISA issues as to the employee’s right to modify a past election as to pension plan payout and timing.

  • Discrimination claim by auto dealer manager against auto dealership alleging employee was discharged due to his Muslim religion and national origin.

  • Discrimination claim by auto dealership employee who claimed she was discharged because of her Jewish religious heritage and harassed by middle eastern employees after the September 11 attacks.

  • Discrimination claim by British national working at a Northern California company who claimed he was discharged for opposing anti-British harassment in the form of insults, particularly as to the Queen and as to Sir Elton John.

  • Claim by law firm secretary who alleged she was sexually harassed by the firm’s managing partner.

  • Claim by Mexican-American Veteran’s Administration employee who claimed he was denied promotion due to discriminatory favoritism by management towards an African-American employee.

  • Claim by Mexican-American warehouse worker alleging he was fired due to his national origin, not due to the pretextual explantion, namely, his shipping error and subsequent loss of 32 washing machines.

  • Claim by auto dealership general manager that he was fired due to his age, rather than due to poor sales results and causing workplace conflicts.

  • Dispute by 71-year-old Japanese-American assembly employee for age discrimination after layoff from Japanese-owned manufacturer of hobby products.

  • Claim by former human resources director at manufacturing plant that she was terminated for reporting health and safety issues to senior management which they were reluctant to remedy.

  • Claim by former manager at auto dealership that he was terminated for reporting financial fraud to the DMV (its regulatory agency) and delivering confidential company records to them during his employment.