Wage and Hour

Representative Cases

  • Class action claim by 450 contract employees of national home store chain that they were not paid for off-the-clock time spent reviewing and responding to emails on employer-issued PDAs before or after the work day.

  • Class action by 1,200 hourly employees of a food market chain who claimed they worked off the clock, were denied breaks and meal periods and related claims.

  • Class action by 900 hourly employees of manufacturing company who claimed they were not paid for time spent in security lines at the start and end of the work day and were denied full meal periods because lunch rooms were located a long distance from work stations.

  • Class action by 800 pizza delivery drivers employed by a national chain for not fully compensating the drivers for the reasonable and necessary expenses incurred in operating their privately owned vehicles on company business.

  • Class action by 650 electrical installers at a remote solar farm who alleged that time spent travelling to and from the work site on company-paid buses (over 2 hours per day) was compensable despite collective bargaining agreement that classified it as unpaid commute time.

  • Class action by 650 union electricians employed by an electrical contractor who claimed they were not compensated at their regular hourly rates for time spent in after-hours training sessions.

  • Class action by 125 delivery drivers who claimed they were required to drive beyond the maximum allowable time as determined by the Department of Transportation, not paid for mandatory vehicle inspection times and not paid properly on the weight and distance payment formulas.